Thank you for visiting my blog! I started this blog as an assignment for my COM 407 course at Purdue University. While trying to think of a topic that I could use that would be beneficial to Purdue students as well as to people who live in the Lafayette area, I couldn’t help but think about how many times I have crossed the bridge to the other side of the river into Lafayette for a night out to grab dinner and drinks with friends. The total? Twice. I have been here two years, and yet know so little about what there is to do on the other side of the river.

Thus, my idea for this blog was born. I hope that my blog can become a source of information for people to find new places to go for dinner, or have a night out at a local bar. I will include news about local bars and restaurants, great dishes that I come across, events, specials, and ¬†drinks. I am such an adventurous person, but looking back on my time here at Purdue, a majority of the time I find myself sitting at Harry’s with my friends rather than exploring new places. (Don’t get me wrong, Harry’s is a Purdue tradition and one of my favorite places to kill an afternoon with friends, or relax and have some fun after a long week of classes.)

Of course, this blog is called “Both Sides of the River,” so also expect to see some posts about what there is to do in West Lafayette as well!

I plan to make this semester in particular a part of my college experience, and I hope that you will join me on this adventure.