“Here’s a quarter….”

It’s not unusual for me to get a text from one of my friends in our group chat most days that reads something like, “Harry’s tonight at 8!” It’s a good way for all of us to unwind from the stress of classes, exams, and club activities at the end of the day by catching up over drinks and probably an order of fried banana peppers or seasoned salt fries. However, yesterday was a little different.

My friends and I don’t normally stray from Harry’s, but when we do, it’s usually a Thursday night at the Neon Cactus (and let’s face it, we usually end up at dear old Harold’s, anyway), or a Monday night for $0.25 Bud Light bottles at Where Else – easy on the wallets, a college student’s kryptonite. Where Else isn’t necessarily our kind of scene, but when you can buy a six pack of beer for $1.50, we aren’t picky.

So you can imagine my shock when I got a text yesterday morning in the group chat from one of my friends with an invitation to join her at quarter beers last night, which was a Wednesday.

It’s not uncommon for me to forget what day it is on occasion – sometimes I lose track of time when things get busy – but I didn’t think I was that far off on my week. So I immediately sent a text message back, “But it’s Wednesday?”

Not that I didn’t trust my friend when she assured me that Where Else changed “Quarter Beer Mondays” to “Quarter Beer Wednesdays,” but I decided to do some social media investigative work. And wouldn’t you know:


Apparently, Wednesdays aren’t just the days we wear pink anymore – it’s the new day of the week for quarter beers at Where Else.




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