Restauration Restoration?

I started out this blog by mentioning that I had only ventured into Lafayette for a night out twice. One of those times, it was about a year ago, and it was on my first and only date with  a guy that I had met through one of things I was involved with on campus. (Disclaimer: it didn’t work out, but we’re still friends.)

The date itself went well, and it was actually very interesting. He took me to Restauration, a restaurant in Lafayette that serves all locally sourced food. He worked on a cattle farm off campus, and Restauration bought a lot of their beef from them, so it was very cool to be eating a steak from the farm that he worked at.

After visiting the restaurant, I remember doing some research. Their tagline reads, “Restoring authenticity to food from the ground up.” They were focused on farm to table, seasonal eating, according to their Facebook page, where they post most of their updates.

Some other fun facts about Restauration:

  1. The owner, Kirsten Serrano, opened Restauration because she was inspired by her daughter’s food allergies.
  2. As a result, their food is allergen free.
  3. La Scala Italian Restaurant in downtown Lafayette is also owned by Kirsten Serrano and her husband.
  4. Restauration offered paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options for patrons.
  5. All seasonal ingredients.
  6. Full bar with craft beers.
  7. Opened March 18th, 2015 – still fairly new.

A little over a month ago, there was a water main break that caused significant damage to Restauration, causing it to close down. In the meantime, they have been posting updates to social media about the clean up process, and patrons have been asking and wondering when and if the restaurant will reopen its doors.

Something new that I learned from scanning their Facebook page was that the La Scala Italian restaurant in Lafayette is also owned by the same people (as mentioned in my fun facts above). It came as no surprise, though, since they are also quite focused on serving up food from the area with a farm-to-plate business plan. The owners have been asking that people who would usually dine at Restauration choose La Scala for the time being.

On Tuesday, however, the owners of Restauration made the official announcement concerning their plans for the future of the eatery.


The owners of Restauration made the decision not to reopen, at least for the time being. So all of the speculation about whether the owners would be working to restore the restaurant or not can finally be put to rest.

Personally, I hope that they are able to reopen someday. The idea behind the restaurant was great – the atmosphere was casual and relaxing, yet could be professional. (I actually ate there one other time as part of a business dinner.) The food was great, and you could feel good about knowing that you were supporting local farmers, which I am all about.

Here’s to hoping they change their minds soon. Until then, I will have to check out La Scala.



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