Uno dollar, Mucho tacos, Muy happy

It is starting to get to that point in the school year where I am becoming a little low on funds, but I also don’t want to sacrifice being able to unwind at the end of a long day by going out to eat with my friends. Consequently, I have been trying to check out some of the deals day to day at the different bars and restaurants around town.

Another thing about me – I also really, REALLY love Mexican food.

So, you could probably imagine that my friends and I have been to Pablano’s a time or two, but this week I started realizing that I haven’t been branching out when it comes to Mexican cuisine. That’s something I need to work on, because I am always scared to try new things. After all, why try to replace a good thing? But at the same time, I know there’s probably a lot I’m missing out on.

But when that good thing starts to take a toll on your wallet, maybe it’s time to check out a more inexpensive option. That’s what led me to do a little research for our Taco Tuesday outing.

308 on State is the newest bar on campus, and while it has been around for over a year now, I have only ever been once, and did not have an opportunity to experience the food. When I was looking up local deals online, I found 308’s Taco Tuesday deal of $1 tacos and $3 margaritas…. how can you pass that up? I decided to check it out.

The tacos and margaritas sure didn’t disappoint, although I was shocked there there were very few customers – we were only one of four tables in the place. While I’m not complaining about it (I enjoyed being able to have an actual conversation with my friends in a quieter atmosphere and still enjoy the basketball game), I’m still surprised more people aren’t taking advantage of the Taco Tuesday deal.

It’s a pretty simple meal with chicken, beef, and an even newer vegetarian taco option, and it didn’t disappoint. You can also get sides of guacamole, jalapeños, sour cream, and salsa for only $0.50 a cup (pictured below).


I posted this photo on Instagram on Taco Tuesday. (@shelbyraeriley)

The final verdict: we are definitely going back. The service was great, and bottom line, you just can’t beat a margarita and four tacos for $7. I will definitely be back to check out some of their other weekday deals, too.


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