Chicken burritos and tots, oh my!

As college students, we don’t always stick to the best sleep schedules, or even meal schedules, as we are trying to juggle classwork, extracurriculars, and a social life. I’ll admit, sometimes I stay up until 2 am working on homework (okay, sometimes I spend it on Netflix), and I eat a snack at 4 pm and forget real dinner until 10 pm. By then, I don’t really want to make anything.

Wednesday night was definitely one of those nights. I had told one of my good friends about an article that I had read doing research for my COM 407 class that day about a restaurant that was still very new on campus called Two Fellas Grill. It opened up shop next to Jimmy John’s on Chauncey hill at the beginning of the semester, and even though it faces the busy intersection at Chauncey Avenue and State Street, I hadn’t noticed it.

My friend and I are all about trying new things, and he and I especially have an appreciation for good food. He also knows that I am trying new things for class this semester, and so he has accompanied me to a few different places already.

He and I had already shared an order of breadsticks earlier that day, and we both didn’t eat dinner, so around 10 pm we were both ready for some late night comfort food after a day of studying. He called me just as I was settling in to start a new show on Netflix, and suggested that we check out that new place that I had told him about.

So, even though I was already in my sweats and a baggy sweatshirt, I was still up for an adventure. I threw on my coat and met him outside to try this new place.

When we pulled up, it was a pretty plain looking place, and there weren’t very many people there. I wasn’t surprised, because not many people grab dinner after 10 pm, even though the grill was advertised as the newest late-night place to grab a bite.

The guys working were extremely nice, and asked us how we had heard of the place. I mentioned the article, and he conveyed that he was excited that they were still getting traffic from it, as the article had been released last week. It generated a lot of new customers that particular day.

My friend and I then proceeded to check out the menu. From what I had read, Two Fellas was all about burritos and wraps, but they have their own take on it that could distinctly be labeled as comfort food. We both decided to order the first thing on the menu….appropriately called “The First Item On The Menu.”


About to order at Two Fellas.

We sat while they made our burritos, unsure of what we had really gotten ourselves into. But we did know that the menu description of what we ordered looked really, really good. They made our food right in front of us, and it was incredibly fast.

As a college student on a limited budget, I was not initially thrilled about the price of $7.50, as I was expecting something much lower for just a burrito. However, when we got our food, I understood why it was that much. The portion size was HUGE.


A photo of my burrito after I had bitten into it – you can see the chicken, tater tots, ranch, cheese, and sour cream inside, creating a perfect blend of comfort food flavor.

The unique thing about Two Fellas was the content of their wraps and burritos. What makes them special is the tater tots inside. Personally I have never heard of anyone putting tater tots in a wrap or a burrito, and I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer, and I highly recommend it.

The only thing that I would recommend for them to change, is to add an option for a smaller burrito. While a lot of people can and will eat the whole thing, some people would not be able to and would probably waste some, and so offering a smaller portion for a slightly cheaper price would probably be beneficial to the new grill.

I really hope that this place will soon become a staple for Purdue students, and become just as popular as places like Hotbox and Mad Mushroom.


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