Pancakes After Dark

Each year, Purdue Agriculture Council hosts a large-scale event as part of student life. This is the Moonlight Pancake Breakfast, and has become extremely popular with students over the years.

The main event: obviously, the pancakes. Because who doesn’t like breakfast food at all hours of the day?

As college students, free pizza is extremely common, whether it be at meetings for clubs or organizations, fundraisers, etc., so Ag Council decided it was time to try something different, and that is where the idea for the Moonlight Pancake Breakfast was born.

Obviously, pancakes can be a little messy, and making free pancakes for everyone is a lot of work. Busy members spend all night mixing batter, making pancakes, and running fresh flapjacks to the line of students waiting for those pancakes, either plain or chocolate chip, that they have been looking forward to all year long.


Me catching pancakes last year as Purdue Pete flipped them off of the griddle and into my pan.

Students mingle and chat and get seconds, thirds, and fourths of pancakes and chocolate milk as they listen to music, take a turn on the Wipeout blow up activity, and even get a photo with Purdue Pete. The greatest part is that it doesn’t only attract students in the College of Agriculture, but students across the entire University. This is an awesome opportunity for us as ag students to show others what the College of Agriculture is all about.

As agriculturalists, we take pride in the fact that we feed the world – but it can always be said that we also take pride in feeding our students as well with all of the free food that is available throughout the year. Moonlight Pancake Breakfast aims to do just that.


This year’s Moonlight Pancake Breakfast flier design.

Check out an interview that I did with Kathleen Jacobs, the Vice President of Ag Council, about the upcoming Moonlight Pancake Breakfast.


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