Sunshine & a Custard Run

So far, today has been spent checking things off of my to-do list. Sundays always seem to be the days I play catch up! In the middle of trying to shorten my list, I decided that it was time for a break to enjoy the beautiful weather that finally appeared after a few days of cold and rain.

I did a little brainstorming, and remembered the Frozen Custard place in Lafayette that I always pass coming back into town after being at home. With it being sunny and almost 70 degrees out, I couldn’t pass up checking it out, especially since there are only two weeks left between me and leaving for the summer.

Although there is quite a bit of construction going on, and the custard place was across the river, it is still fairly close and I was able to make it there in about five minutes from my apartment. Normally when I pass by, the place is deserted, but now that it is getting to be nice out, there were lots of families and children running around, faces sticky with traces of custard. The Frozen Custard shop officially opened back up for the season on March 1st.


The Original Frozen Custard shop.

I had to wait a few minutes in line, but that gave me a chance to check out what kind of flavors they had. It wasn’t much, but I am a classic chocolate or vanilla person normally, and today I decided to go with the twist because I just couldn’t decide on one.

They also had special flavors that constantly change, and some of the ones they had available this afternoon were Blue Moon, Pineapple Strawberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry. If I could suggest anything to them, in order to cater to a wider customer base, they should definitely consider offering more flavors of custard on a regular basis.


Customers waiting in line to order their custard.

The service was great, and I got my order very quickly. The custard was rich and delicious, and definitely hit the spot for an afternoon homework break for a girl who has a sweet tooth. And it was all the sweeter for being able to enjoy it in the sunshine.


My chocolate and vanilla twist custard in a waffle cone.

All in all, the best part of the custard shop was the atmosphere. It almost felt like I was stepping back in time to 1932 when the shop was opened. Between the vintage sign and the striped overhang, you could definitely tell the place has been around for a while. The custard was good, but I paid almost $4 for a small, and the ice cream shop in my home town offers a lot of delicious options for a lot less.

In my book, this place was probably more of an “experience” than a place to go on a regular basis, but it was definitely a good break from catching up with classwork and other responsibilities.


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