As prefaced in a previous post this week, my time blogging for my COM 407 class is coming to a close. To be honest, I did not know if I would enjoy keeping a blog for an entire semester, but now that I have to type out my final post, I find myself feeling sad that it’s over. I truly have enjoyed it. I’ve made lots of new memories and had experiences that I otherwise probably would not have had without this class.

Looking back on the semester, I remember all of the great times I had with my friends. I think having the combination of many of my friends’ final semester as students, and seeking out new places to hang out for dinner and/or drinks for the class made for about four months of lots of adventures and firsts. I was just thinking back on some of my favorites.

Taco Tuesday at 308 was definitely one of my favorite discoveries. Just as an update, my friends and I have been many times since. (We even played Wii Mario Kart on the TV behind the bar during Grand Prix week.)

The late-night study break adventure of Two Fellas Grill was also one of the highlights of the semester on this blog. There’s just something about bonding with friends over food late at night when you need a study break that makes for a great memory, especially if the food is greasy and cheesy and delicious.

My solo mid-morning adventure to Cafe Literato for coffee and lunch over homework and studying was also a win. I found a new place to be productive slightly off campus, and enjoy some great coffee and food. This is another place I definitely recommend checking out, as it isn’t too far from campus – it is connected to the Faith West complex.

And for my fourth and final highlight of the semester, the Trivia Night at Jake’s Roadhouse with my roommates and some friends was definitely a great opportunity to bond with friends over more than just drinks, and instead get to flex our competitive muscles. But of course, a pitcher or two of Blue Moon was also involved.

This may be the end of my blog for the class, but no worries – I will be around until graduation in December, and so I may post a little here and there as the adventures continue next semester. I have definitely enjoyed spending my semester as a COM 407 student discovering new places in Lafayette and West Lafayette, because without these adventures my semester would have been much more run of the mill. I am truly “ever grateful” for the experience.

With that, I will be leaving you, my readers, to your own devices. However, feel free to send me feedback and let me know about your own adventures as well – there are definitely things that I have not even thought of trying in the area yet, but would definitely love to as soon as I get back on campus in the fall.

Happy end of the semester, Boilers!


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