As prefaced in a previous post this week, my time blogging for my COM 407 class is coming to a close. To be honest, I did not know if I would enjoy keeping a blog for an entire semester, but now that I have to type out my final post, I find myself feeling sad that it’s over. I truly have enjoyed it. I’ve made lots of new memories and had experiences that I otherwise probably would not have had without this class.

Looking back on the semester, I remember all of the great times I had with my friends. I think having the combination of many of my friends’ final semester as students, and seeking out new places to hang out for dinner and/or drinks for the class made for about four months of lots of adventures and firsts. I was just thinking back on some of my favorites.

Taco Tuesday at 308 was definitely one of my favorite discoveries. Just as an update, my friends and I have been many times since. (We even played Wii Mario Kart on the TV behind the bar during Grand Prix week.)

The late-night study break adventure of Two Fellas Grill was also one of the highlights of the semester on this blog. There’s just something about bonding with friends over food late at night when you need a study break that makes for a great memory, especially if the food is greasy and cheesy and delicious.

My solo mid-morning adventure to Cafe Literato for coffee and lunch over homework and studying was also a win. I found a new place to be productive slightly off campus, and enjoy some great coffee and food. This is another place I definitely recommend checking out, as it isn’t too far from campus – it is connected to the Faith West complex.

And for my fourth and final highlight of the semester, the Trivia Night at Jake’s Roadhouse with my roommates and some friends was definitely a great opportunity to bond with friends over more than just drinks, and instead get to flex our competitive muscles. But of course, a pitcher or two of Blue Moon was also involved.

This may be the end of my blog for the class, but no worries – I will be around until graduation in December, and so I may post a little here and there as the adventures continue next semester. I have definitely enjoyed spending my semester as a COM 407 student discovering new places in Lafayette and West Lafayette, because without these adventures my semester would have been much more run of the mill. I am truly “ever grateful” for the experience.

With that, I will be leaving you, my readers, to your own devices. However, feel free to send me feedback and let me know about your own adventures as well – there are definitely things that I have not even thought of trying in the area yet, but would definitely love to as soon as I get back on campus in the fall.

Happy end of the semester, Boilers!


Moonlight Pancake Breakfast

The Purdue Agricultural Council hosted its annual Moonlight Pancake Breakfast last Wednesday, April 19th on the lawn in front of the Agricultural Administration building on campus from 9 pm until 1 am. The event is extremely popular within the College of Agriculture, but it is one of the few large events that draws students and faculty from every corner of campus.


This year’s Moonlight Pancake Breakfast logo.

Students line up to get as many free pancakes as they want, plain or chocolate chip, grab a chocolate milk, enjoy the company of their friends while eating, and then maybe play a few games of corn hole, or try out the Wipeout activity, which has been very popular over the last two years.


Additionally, there was a pop-up performance by the Purdue University Varsity Glee Club, as well as an appearance made by Purdue’s very own Purdue Pete. The Purdue spirit was definitely tangible in the air, and especially since it was Grand Prix week.

If you missed it this year, be checking the Ag Council facebook page for other events, and for when Moonlight Pancake Breakfast will be next year. As agriculturalists, we love to provide free food. We pride ourselves on feeding people, whether that is through farming, or making pancakes for everyone to enjoy.

Sweet Summertime

As the semester is closing out and we are on the verge of summer break here at Purdue University, this will also be the last week that I post on my blog for my COM 407 course. I will be pretty busy with work this summer, and unfortunately away from Lafayette, so I want to leave everyone with some event ideas for fun foodie things to do in hopes that some of you will check them out and let me know what your favorites were.

First of all, I am really excited for the Farmers Market to open back up. At the beginning of every fall semester and during finals week, I always look forward to Thursdays on Memorial Mall, where local vendors sell their produce, baked goods, and flowers, among other things.


A photo of a booth from last year’s Farmers Market.

I have been known to grab a cookie to enjoy on the way to my next class, or a bouquet of vibrantly colored flowers for my apartment. Opening day is May 3rd for Cumberland Park in West Lafayette, May 4th this year for Purdue’s campus, and May 6th on 5th street in downtown Lafayette.

Another fun event that I came across is one hosted by Wildcat Creek Winery in Lafayette. On May 20th from 11 am until 6 pm, they are hosting a BBQ, Bluegrass, and Blueberry Wine event. My family are all from Kentucky, and so I was raised on a little bluegrass music, and I definitely enjoy any kind of fruit wine, so this is something I would absolutely check out if I was in town. There are a limited number of on-site parking passes available, and they go on sale May 1st, so check out their website.


Image taken from

On June 17th, there is an event called TASTE of Tippecanoe in downtown Lafayette from 4 pm until midnight. With live music, local fare, and fireworks, it is the perfect summertime event, and tickets are only $5.00 in advance, on sale through June 14th. With admission to kids 12 years and younger, it is a great family event in Lafayette.

One more event that would be a great Saturday adventure is Beers Across the Wabash, which is a beer-tasting experience held on the John T. Meyers Pedestrian Bridge over the Wabash River in Lafayette on Saturday, August 26th. With over 100 different beers from 25-30 Indiana craft breweries, it’s sure to be just that – an experience. You can purchase a ticket which includes admission to the event and a collectible sample sample cup.

With the beautiful weather we had today almost in the 80’s, I became really excited for summer, and hope that people enjoy some of the events found in the greater Lafayette area!

Sunshine & a Custard Run

So far, today has been spent checking things off of my to-do list. Sundays always seem to be the days I play catch up! In the middle of trying to shorten my list, I decided that it was time for a break to enjoy the beautiful weather that finally appeared after a few days of cold and rain.

I did a little brainstorming, and remembered the Frozen Custard place in Lafayette that I always pass coming back into town after being at home. With it being sunny and almost 70 degrees out, I couldn’t pass up checking it out, especially since there are only two weeks left between me and leaving for the summer.

Although there is quite a bit of construction going on, and the custard place was across the river, it is still fairly close and I was able to make it there in about five minutes from my apartment. Normally when I pass by, the place is deserted, but now that it is getting to be nice out, there were lots of families and children running around, faces sticky with traces of custard. The Frozen Custard shop officially opened back up for the season on March 1st.


The Original Frozen Custard shop.

I had to wait a few minutes in line, but that gave me a chance to check out what kind of flavors they had. It wasn’t much, but I am a classic chocolate or vanilla person normally, and today I decided to go with the twist because I just couldn’t decide on one.

They also had special flavors that constantly change, and some of the ones they had available this afternoon were Blue Moon, Pineapple Strawberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry. If I could suggest anything to them, in order to cater to a wider customer base, they should definitely consider offering more flavors of custard on a regular basis.


Customers waiting in line to order their custard.

The service was great, and I got my order very quickly. The custard was rich and delicious, and definitely hit the spot for an afternoon homework break for a girl who has a sweet tooth. And it was all the sweeter for being able to enjoy it in the sunshine.


My chocolate and vanilla twist custard in a waffle cone.

All in all, the best part of the custard shop was the atmosphere. It almost felt like I was stepping back in time to 1932 when the shop was opened. Between the vintage sign and the striped overhang, you could definitely tell the place has been around for a while. The custard was good, but I paid almost $4 for a small, and the ice cream shop in my home town offers a lot of delicious options for a lot less.

In my book, this place was probably more of an “experience” than a place to go on a regular basis, but it was definitely a good break from catching up with classwork and other responsibilities.

Pancakes After Dark

Each year, Purdue Agriculture Council hosts a large-scale event as part of student life. This is the Moonlight Pancake Breakfast, and has become extremely popular with students over the years.

The main event: obviously, the pancakes. Because who doesn’t like breakfast food at all hours of the day?

As college students, free pizza is extremely common, whether it be at meetings for clubs or organizations, fundraisers, etc., so Ag Council decided it was time to try something different, and that is where the idea for the Moonlight Pancake Breakfast was born.

Obviously, pancakes can be a little messy, and making free pancakes for everyone is a lot of work. Busy members spend all night mixing batter, making pancakes, and running fresh flapjacks to the line of students waiting for those pancakes, either plain or chocolate chip, that they have been looking forward to all year long.


Me catching pancakes last year as Purdue Pete flipped them off of the griddle and into my pan.

Students mingle and chat and get seconds, thirds, and fourths of pancakes and chocolate milk as they listen to music, take a turn on the Wipeout blow up activity, and even get a photo with Purdue Pete. The greatest part is that it doesn’t only attract students in the College of Agriculture, but students across the entire University. This is an awesome opportunity for us as ag students to show others what the College of Agriculture is all about.

As agriculturalists, we take pride in the fact that we feed the world – but it can always be said that we also take pride in feeding our students as well with all of the free food that is available throughout the year. Moonlight Pancake Breakfast aims to do just that.


This year’s Moonlight Pancake Breakfast flier design.

Check out an interview that I did with Kathleen Jacobs, the Vice President of Ag Council, about the upcoming Moonlight Pancake Breakfast.

Deals on Deals on Deals

Since it is getting very close to the end of the semester, I have noticed a trend. All of my friends are gearing up to graduate, and are consequently trying to milk their last few weeks of college life. At the same time, that can be a little more challenging with final projects and exams coming up. Still, I know that my friend group has really been trying to get together as much as possible.

Now, we are also in college and on a budget, so going out for dinner and drinks multiple times a week can get a little hard on the wallet. Fortunately, I discovered a quick way to find the best deals on campus. I would love to write different posts using a lot of the deals that I have discovered, but since the semester is coming to a close, I figured I could share it and hopefully it’ll help a few people out there like it helped me.

The Black Sheep Purdue is a branch of The Black Sheep, which is an online presence for many universities across the country. Their online website has a tab called “bar specials,” and it has become my new best friend when looking for things to do.

The top of that screen has a list of days of the week, and it is an easy way to see what kind of specials are available to you on campus, and all in one place so you can easily compare it side by side, and make a decision on where you want to go with your friends.

If you have read any of my other posts, this is how I discovered Taco Tuesday at 308 (and just as an update, yes, I have been back for more tacos and margaritas, just like I said I would.)

Let me know which deals on campus (and off!) are your favorites, and I will try to make a post before the end of the semester. Cheers!

Trivia Night, College Style

Yesterday, my roommates asked me if I wanted to go to Trivia Night at Jake’s that evening. Although school is busy, and I really just wanted to stay home and relax, I decided that our time left to do fun things as a group was coming to a close as graduation gets closer and closer. So, I went with them to Jake’s to see what it was all about.

I have been to Jake’s very few times, and usually just for lunch. I did not even know they did a trivia night, and I definitely had my doubts about it. It didn’t really seem like my kind of thing, and I was expecting to not enjoy the event as much as just spending time with my friends.

Now that I have had my first Trivia Night experience at Jake’s, I can definitely say that I will be back again. Not only was it fun, but it brought out my team’s competitive side, and we even walked away with prizes. We were pretty proud of how well we did for our first time.

The fun starts every Wednesday night at 9:30 pm, and it is a good idea to go early to get a table, because it is pretty popular. There are six rounds with two bonus rounds, and after the announcer reads of the question, each team has the time of one song length to come up with the answer and decide how many points they want to wager. The most important rule: no phones while you are filling out cards!


Our team’s trivia cards and answers for the first two rounds.

We ordered a few pitchers of Blue Moon, and had a pretty laid-back night together. At least, as laid back as we could be while trying to do our best to come up with the answers to the questions.

The great thing about Jake’s is that they always have drink specials, whereas Harry’s never does. Depending on the day, the specials will be written up on the chalk board, and we chose our drinks last night based on what sounded good, but also was a good deal. Additionally, if you’re hungry, they have great bar food – we enjoyed an order of waffle fries prior to the start of the game, and I will definitely be back just for those.

After about two and a half hours of our team putting our brains together to come up with the best answers, and surviving the more difficult questions of the last three rounds, we were so excited to come out as the second place team. Everyone knows that college students love free stuff, and we were not the exception. We won an assortment of t-shirts, cups, cookies, shot glasses, and a $15 certificate for Jake’s.


Our team after winning second place at Trivia Night at Jake’s Roadhouse.

If you’re looking to try something a little different over casual drinks with friends, Jake’s Roadhouse is definitely the place to be on Wednesday nights. Next time, we will be looking to come away #1, and practice makes perfect!

Burger Bashin’

Every year, as part of Ag Week on Purdue’s campus, agriculture students host a Burger Bash where anyone can come through the line for a free burger, possibly with bacon added if they can remember one of the fun facts located throughout the line.

Every year, it is a huge success and students all over campus look forward to it. Rain or shine, there is always a line. Even this year when plates, t-shirts, and tarps were being blown away in the intense wind, students were still stopping for the delicious free burger, pedal tractor races, and more. ​

Foodie Facts

Lately, I’ve been trying to eat a little better and think about what kind of nutrition I have been putting into my body. Sometimes, as college students, we don’t have the time to put into eating well, and just grab whatever is fast. And we all know that what is fast is rarely what is good for you!

Since I’ve been on my kick, I’ve started researching nutrition facts and have come across a lot of interesting information about food. What better way to share some of the facts that I have learned than on my blog about food? I’ve collected a list of the most interesting, fun, or surprising facts about food that I could. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Nutritious food costs approximately ten times more than junk food.
  2. Since 2015, throwing away food is illegal in Seattle.
  3. Microwaving food actually does not diminish its nutrients.
  4. High-frequency sounds enhance the sweetness of food, and low-frequency sounds bring out the bitterness.
  5. Eating an early dinner, or just skipping it altogether, may increase the amount of fat a person burns at night.
  6. Eating pasta that has been cooked, cooled, and reheated is significantly healthier than eating it freshly cooked because it turns into “resistant starch,” reducing blood glucose levels by half.
  7. Consuming dairy can cause acne.
  8. Peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes.
  9. Eating bananas can help fight depression.
  10. Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing.
  11. There’s an enzyme in pineapple called bromelain that helps to break down proteins, and can also ruin your tastebuds. (That’s why your tongue can feel weird after eating pineapple.)
  12. One of the most hydrating foods to eat is cucumber, which is 96% water.
  13. Drying fruit causes massive nutrient loss, depleting 30%-80% of its vitamin and antioxidant content.
  14. Adding citrus juice to green tea stabilizes its catechin content, boosting the level of antioxidants that survive the digestive system up to 13-fold.
  15. Cinnamon is a potent antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of blood clots, control blood sugar, and improve insulin sensitivity; the latter two help prevent fat gain and diabetes.
  16. Pecans and walnuts have more antioxidants than blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, and currants.
  17. Avocado has the highest protein content of all fruit.
  18. Honey is the only edible food that never goes bad.
  19. Turkey, fish, and cheese have the highest protein-to-calorie ratio.
  20. The average apple contains around 130 calories.